The iPhone has dominated the US market for over a year

For a long time, the American mobile market was a duopoly, Apple and Samsung fighting shoulder to shoulder for the place of leader. But that was (long) before. Because in recent quarters, the iPhone has largely detached itself from its direct competitors, as shown by a table from Counterpoint Analytics. The iPhone thus occupied 40% of market share in the United States in Q3 2020, i.e. just 10 market share points ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy, but the gap widened considerably in the following quarters. The iPhone thus occupied 2/3 of the American market during Q4 2020, very far ahead of Samsung’s 16% or Lenovo’s 3%. Q3 2021 remains Samsung’s best recent quarter, with a market share gap of “only” 13 points with Apple. In all cases, Apple is going it alone in the lead.

iPhone Pdm USA 2020 2021

Far behind the leading duo, Lenovo still managed a small breakthrough; during Q2 2021 and Q4 2021, the Chinese manufacturer even managed to break the barrier of 10% market share (12%). OnePlus already almost no longer exists in fourth place, with only 2% of Pdm. As for the myriad of other manufacturers, they have to be satisfied with crumbs, very small crumbs. The group of “others” still represented 24% of market share in Q3 2020, but only occupies 8% of market share in Q4 2021.

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