The iPhone in the top 3 sales in Russia in 2021… but 2022 will be very different

The irony of fate is sometimes biting: only a few days afterApple announced the cessation of its activities in Russia, Counterpoint Research provides us with an inventory of the mobile market in the country run by Vladimir Putin… and the finding is largely favorable to Apple! Over the year 2021, the iPhone indeed occupied 14% in market share of smartphone sales in Russia, i.e. 3 points better than in 2020! Better still, Apple’s strong growth in the country has enabled it to overtake the Asian manufacturer Honor (-12 pts of Pdm!) and settle in third place among manufacturers, behind Xiaomi (25%) and Samsung ( 33%).

iPhone Pdm 2021 Russia

If we only look at the segment of 5G-compatible smartphones, the iPhone was even in the lead with 28% of Pdm. Counterpoint also informs us that the iPhone alone made 36% of smartphone sales in Russia, and let’s not talk about profits… Yes, but now, following its withdrawal, Apple will soon no longer weigh anything in the country. … which barely accounts for 0.9% of its annual turnover!

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