The iPhone increases its dominance in the premium smartphone market

The first observation established by Counterpoint Research is staggering: last year, in the midst of a pandemic, sales of “premium” smartphones (whose price is higher than 400 dollars) increased by 24%, well above the growth of the mobile sector as a whole (+7%). As a result, premium segment sales now represent 27% of global smartphone sales!

The other observation is quite clear in view of the graph above: the iPhone further accentuates its dominance in the premium segment, going from 55% of market share in 2020 to 60% in 2021. Even stronger, the iPhone dominates this segment absolutely EVERYWHERE in the world, from North America to Latin America via Europe, China, India or even Africa. Samsung is second everywhere too, except in China where it gives way to Huawei and in India where OnePlus rules. From third place, it’s carnival, with no less than 6 manufacturers represented.

iPhone domination premium market 2021 1

Counterpoint notes that the progress of the Premium segment is mainly due to the massive arrival of 5G, but also of course to the excellent shape of Apple’s iPhone 13/13 Pro.

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