The iPhone is a hit in Vietnam and Thailand (and overtakes Xiaomi smartphones)

If theiPhone experienced a good slack in France (-11% on Q4 2021) it seems that Apple’s situation in France is a bit of an exception that proves the rule. In addition to the dominance of the iPhone in the USA and China, Apple’s smartphone is also a hit in countries where it was not often at the party. Counterpoint Research notes that in Q4 2021, Apple was the smartphone manufacturer that experienced the strongest growth in Vietnam over the period (+93%), to the point of slightly overtaking Xiaomi and placing itself in 4th place. from the podium! With 11% market share, the iPhone is no longer ridiculous on the Vietnamese market, even if Samsung is far ahead with 20% of Pdm, just like vivo (18%) or OPPO (17%).

iphone Pdm Vietnam Q4 2021

Regarding sales over the whole year, Apple had to settle for 5th place, behind Xiaomi this time. The Californian remains the company that grew the fastest over the 12 months of 2021 (+119%). In a second study, Counterpoint notes that Apple has experienced spectacular growth in certain Asian markets, and in particular in Thailand (+68% in Q4).

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