The iPhone is lagging behind in Latin America, but a $200 iPhone SE could be a game-changer

The iPhone ended 2021 with a bang. In the lead in Q4 and in second place (behind Samsung’s Galaxy) for the year as a whole, the iPhone remains between and always Apple’s main economic lung. However, Apple’s flagship is still lagging behind in many markets with limited purchasing power. This is particularly the case in India, even if the iPhone is currently making a significant breakthrough there (+34% in sales in Q4) as well as in Latin American countries (LATAM zone). In the LATAM zone, Apple even goes from fourth to fifth place among the biggest sellers of smartphones. In absolute terms, the market share of the iPhone increases to 4.4% in 2021 (against 4% in 2020), but at the same time, ZTE saw its sales jump from 2.9 to 4, 5% of Pdm.

iPhone Pdm LATAM

For Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple’s difficulties in these specific markets could find their solution in an iPhone SE offered at a starting price much lower than the current model (400 dollars). The journalist/analyst believes that Apple could very well offer a $199 iPhone SE, without 5G and without technical frills, whose profitability would be mainly through pre-installed services. Still, nothing seems to indicate that the Cupertino company is really ready to fight on the low cost segment…

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