The iPhone SE 3 (2022) comes with 4 GB of RAM

Apple announced the iPhone SE 3 during its keynote and it comes with 4 GB of RAM. The manufacturer never publicly discloses how much RAM their phones have, but there are ways to find out.

iPhone SE 3 2022 Official

4 GB of RAM for the new iPhone SE

While digging through the release candidate of Xcode 13.3, which Apple has been offering since last night, developer Moritz Sternemann and MacRumors discovered elements specific to the iPhone SE 3, confirming that the smartphone has 4 GB of RAM. In comparison, the previous model (which saw the light of day in 2020) has 3 GB of RAM.

Technically speaking, the new iPhone SE is on the same level as the iPhone 13: A15 chip and 4 GB of RAM. It will however be necessary to see if the processor speed is not slightly revised downwards as is the case on the iPad mini 6. We will have to wait for the first benchmarks to have this information.

Having more RAM will allow you to have more active applications in multitasking. The simple fact of reopening them will be an opportunity to return to the place left last time and not to completely reload the application. Also, Safari will be able to store more tabs, again without necessarily having to reload them. As for other applications, there will be a gain for certain tasks.

The iPhone SE 3 will be available for pre-order from March 11 from 529 euros. It will be available for purchase from March 18.

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