The iPhone SE 5G in the first quarter of 2022: it is becoming clearer

Rumors are swirling around the release date of theiPhone SE third generation. An exit window in the first quarter of 2022 nevertheless seems more and more likely. So the MyDriver site, often from good sources, claims that test production of this model is about to start, which would stick well enough for a commercial launch towards the end of Q1 2022. Apple is reportedly trying to manage as best it can. the shortage of certain components, but a priori the iPhone SE would not be the model most affected by the current tensions on the supply chain.

iPhone SE 2020 Rear Black vs White vs Red

Remember here that the iPhone SE 3rd gen would have an improved photo block, an A15 processor and 5G compatibility. The design of the device as well as its dimensions would not be changed (still a 4.7 inch screen). Many analysts believe that the launch of this financially more accessible 5G iPhone model could boost iPhone sales in 2022, to the point that Apple could approach the 300 million units sold over the year.

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