The iPhone SE 5G would be sold at the same price as the previous model

Today, Apple will present several products. One of them should be the third iteration of the iPhone SE, which would be the first to be 5G compatible. Connectivity that Apple would not overcharge. A leaker claims that the smartphone would be sold at the same price as its predecessor, ie 399 dollars in the United States and 489 euros in France.

The iPhone SE 2020

Tonight, Apple will present several new features during a new keynote called “Peek Performance”. We are expecting a new iPad Air there that could offer iPad Pro performance. We are expecting a 13-inch MacBook Pro there to replace the model released at the end of 2020 with the Apple M1 processor. We expect the Mac Studio, a sort of Mac Mini fed on steroids, as well as a new 27-inch screen cheaper than the Pro Display XDR.

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But the star of the evening will undoubtedly be the third iPhone SE. We regularly mention in our columns this smartphone which should replace the second generation of the iPhone SE released in early 2020. The main novelty of this smartphone will be its compatibility with 5G networks, these two predecessors being only 4G compatible. It will also integrate the A15 Bionic, the SoC of the iPhone 13 (and all its variations).

The price of the iPhone SE 5G would be the same as that of the iPhone SE 2020

If a large part of the technical data sheet of the smartphone is already known, there remains an essential point which has not yet been revealed by the leaks: the price. Will the firm charge more for this third iPhone SE because it is 5G compatible? A leak says no. This leak, which comes from Korean, explains that Apple would have chosen to sell the smartphone at the same price as its predecessor, i.e. $399. In France, this should result in a starting price set at 489 euros if we follow the same logic.

The leak also confirms other technical information about the iPhone SE 5G. He would embark 4 GB of RAM. It would be compatible with accessories MagSafe (which we find quite surprising). And he would take advantage of Ceramic Shield, the mineral glass screen protector for the latest iPhones. No details were revealed on the photo configuration and the battery capacity. Recall though that the iPhone SE 5G is expected to rely on the chassis of the iPhone 8. Which should give you a hint of what to expect.

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