The OtterBox OtterSpot sold by Apple has a swelling battery problem

Apple and others sell OtterBox’s OtterSpot, which offers wireless charging for an iPhone and another product like AirPods. It turns out that the system has a problem with the battery which can swell.

OtterBox OtterSpot

A battery problem with the OtterBox OtterSpot

OtterBox announces that some copies are its OtterBox may see their battery swell when several copies are placed on top of each other to offer a faster charge. A spokeswoman for the group tells The Verge that the problematic models were made during the first two months of production between July and August 2019. The serial numbers of the defective models start with 229, 250 and 259.

Unsurprisingly, OtterBox recommends users discontinue use if they have a model with the serial number that matches. It is possible to contact the company to obtain a free exchange model. This concerns at least the United States, there is no information for other countries yet.

Strangely, the French online Apple Store no longer lists OtterBox’s OtterSpot, unlike the American online Apple Store where it is still possible to make a purchase. But anyway, the models sold today don’t have the swollen battery issue since that only affects products that were made almost three years ago now.

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