the update boosts the autonomy of your old iPhone

Apple’s latest operating system update to its iPhones, iOS 15.4, appears not to have affected all models equally. The most recent versions have seen their autonomy drop, but that of the older models has increased significantly.

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Apple recently rolled out a new iOS 15.4 update, which arreceived quite different feedback after its release regarding the autonomy of the devices. Indeed, some users have taken to social media to claim that the update has ruined their iPhone battery, while others have announced that it has increased.

A few days after the controversy, Apple had officially confirmed that the update had indeed reduced the autonomy of some iPhones, but that users only had to wait 48 hours for their applications to adapt to the new system. The YouTubeur iAppleBytes has therefore decided to investigate his YouTube channel by testing the autonomy of all iPhones of recent years, with and without the update.

iOS 15.4 didn’t shorten the battery life of all iPhones

In his video test, YouTuber iAppleBytes demonstrated that the new iOS 15.4 update did not have the same impact on the autonomy of all iPhone models. Indeed, the update would have reduced the autonomy of the most recent models. The iPhone 13, for example, lasted 8 hours and 26 minutes under iOS 15.4, i.e. 8 minutes less than on iOS 15.3.1. The iPhone 12 also has saw its battery drop by 34 minutes.

However, the battery of other older models benefited well from this update, since the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, 7 and 6S all got a slight increase in battery life. The 2020 iPhone SE, which was recently replaced by the 2022 iPhone SE 5G, even saw its battery last over half an hour longer than on iOS 15.3.1.

According to some Internet users on social networks, the loss of autonomy was mainly observed on the 13 and 13 Pro Max models, which both benefit from a 120 Hz screen. Indeed, Apple would finally have made applications compatible with the 120 Hz screen of its latest iPhone 13 Prowhereas until now they had to settle for a refresh rate capped at 60 Hz.

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