this is what the Mac Studio and its new external screen look like

A leaker posted several 3D renderings of the Mac Studio and its external display on Twitter. The computer largely takes the design of the Mac Mini, but with a difference in size. The screen, meanwhile, takes up the ergonomics of the Pro Display XDR. It remains to be seen what the changes will be inside.

apple peek performance leak

Tomorrow, at 7 p.m., Apple is organizing a new keynote. Her name is ” Peek Performance (“La performance entre en scène”, in French version). And several products are expected there. First, a third iPhone SE. It will be the first to be 5G compatible. And it should benefit from the chassis and the screen of the iPhone SE of 2020, as well as the SoC of the iPhone 13. new iPad Air is also expected with purely technical innovations.

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That’s not all. Apple should also renew some products in the Mac range. A MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen that would replace the MacBook Pro M1 released at the end of 2020. An iMac and a Mac Mini. Remember that the first is an all-in-one with an integrated screen, while the second is a mini-box without a screen. The new iteration of one of the two would be called mac studio. But what is it exactly?

Apple’s Mac Studio would be a much thicker Mac Mini

We mentioned the Mac Studio in a previous article. It would be a box similar to a Mac Mini (leading to suppose that it would not replace the iMac). But it would be much more powerful. An American leaker, Luke Miani, has published a new video on YouTube (which you can find at the end of this article) where he reveals the design of the Mac Studio. The image below is from his Twitter account.

apple peek performance leak

According to these images, the Mac Studio looks like a Mac Mini, but much thicker. He recalls the Power Mac G4 Cube launched in 2000 (and which was a commercial failure). There is a wide opening at the base to suck in air, hinting that an active cooling system is integrated. Remember that the Mac Mini M1 does not need a fan to operate. The presence of this vent reinforces the rumors of the launch of the Apple M2 processor.

Luke Miani also posted the image of a new screen, also mentioned by recent rumors. This screen of 27 inches would take over the design of the Display Pro XDR, but would be sold at a much more affordable price. That’s good news for anyone who wants all the benefits of an Apple display but is on a tight budget. A positioning that resembles that of the iPhone SE…

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