This stalker hid an Apple Watch on his girlfriend’s car to spy on her

Lawrence Welch, a 29-year-old man, tracked his girlfriend’s location using an Apple Watch strapped to the wheel of his car. The latter had harassed her with numerous messages asking her to reveal her position, going so far as to threaten her with death on several occasions. He was arrested by the police last Friday.

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Generally, Apple users use the brand’s Airtags to track the location of one of their items. Lawrence Welch chose another option. notorious stalker known to the police, the 29-year-old wanted to find the position of his girlfriend. Indeed, faced with the repetitive abuse of which she was the victim, the latter finally decided to take refuge in a family reception center.

From then on, Lawrence bombards her with messages demanding that she reveal her position. The man goes up threaten her with death, but still no response. He then ends up going to the reception center. But, rather than go talk to the victim, he goes to the latter’s car and attaches an Apple Watch to one of its wheels. In this way it counts tracking his position at any moment. He had imposed on his girlfriend to use the Life360 application to track her permanently.

He is arrested after hiding an Apple Watch on his girlfriend’s car

Shortly after, the police arrive on the scene and quickly find the device on the victim’s car. Laurence Welch is finally arrested last Friday. The stalker had already gone to court. In July 2021, he was charged with domestic violencebefore being placed in police custody last December following the complaint lodged against him.

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Apple devices are often used by criminals to track the position of their victim. In December 2021, a Detroit resident, visibly targeted by a malicious individual, detected the presence of an Airtag on his car after parking in a parking lot.

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