this video shows how low its battery life is

A Youtuber has published a video comparison where he tests the autonomy of seven iPhones, including three small models: the iPhone SE 5G, the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone SE 2020. The worst autonomy goes to the iPhone SE 2020 It is closely followed by the iPhone SE 5G and then the iPhone 13 Mini. The best autonomy of the panel goes to the iPhone 12, followed by the iPhone 13, however more recent.

apple iphone se 5g review

We recently published in our columns a complete test of the iPhone SE 5G. This test told us that Apple had taken many elements from the second generation of iPhone SE, released in 2020, with some changes, especially in terms of the technical platform. Inside this small box, you will indeed find a Apple A15 Bionic, as in the iPhone 13. A very ambitious choice given the size of the phone. And therefore the space available inside.

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During our test, we saw an improvement in battery life, as promised by Apple. However, the firm did not then communicate the exact capacity of the battery. We have therefore hypothesized that the improvement in autonomy is due to software optimizationsbut also to a slight increase in capacity. We know today that we were right: the battery of the iPhone SE 5G offers a capacity of 2018mAhvs 1821mAh for iPhone SE 2020 and 2438mAh for the iPhone 13 Mini.

The autonomy of the iPhone SE 5G is less good than that of the iPhone 13 Mini

We had also measured an autonomy very much between that of the iPhone SE 2020 (less than a day) and that of the iPhone 13 Mini (a little more than a day). A Youtuber Brandon Butch published a video this week (to be found at the end of this article) which confirms our figures. He compared seven iPhone (iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone SE 5G, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini) and measured their respective autonomy. And it turns out that the iPhone SE 5G isn’t the worst of the bunch, but it still comes in second to last.

apple iphone se 5g autonomy comparison

It offers an autonomy of 5 hours and 16 minutes. It is penultimate, far ahead of the iPhone SE 2020 (3 hours and 40 minutes) and behind the iPhone 13 Mini (5 hours and 55 minutes). You will notice a certain proportionality. The best iPhone is the iPhone 12 (7 hours and 31 minutes) ahead of the iPhone 13 (7 hours and 11 minutes). The summary table is just above for the other models. Also note that all smartphones were running the latest version of iOS, numbered 15.4, and all screens were set to 60% of their maximum brightness.

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