Three new iOS features that could arrive in the coming months

After the many features added with iOS 15.4, Apple does not stop and could in the coming months integrate three new features that have been talked about for some time.

new ios 2022

Digital documents in the Wallet app

Apple is testing this feature in several US states, but an agreement could also be reached in other countries by the end of the year. This novelty will add an identity card and a digital driver’s license directly to the Wallet application, so as to allow users to have these documents on the iPhone without the need to bring physical counterparts.

Payments on iPhone

With an upcoming iOS update, individuals and businesses will be able to accept payments simply by bringing the credit or debit card closer to the iPhone, thanks to the smartphone’s built-in NFC chip.

Bloomberg says it’s not yet clear if the payment service will be integrated with Apple Pay, but since it’s not a hardware feature, it could be enabled as early as the next few months, even before Apple Pay is released. ‘iOS 16.

Classical Apple Music

In 2021, Apple announced that it had acquired classical music streaming service Primephonic, adding that it would soon launch an app specifically dedicated to classical music. This app was supposed to be released for Apple Music subscribers by the end of 2021, but something went wrong and Apple was forced to postpone its activation.

Apple Music Classic should arrive by this summer anyway.

And you, what news are you waiting for?

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