Tim Cook talks about the situation in Ukraine and Steve Jobs

In a series of tweets posted in recent hours, Apple CEO Tim Cook remembered Steve Jobs on his 67th birthday and also spoke about what Apple will do to help victims of the war in Ukraine. .

Tim Cook, Ukraine

Tim Cook expressed his concern about the crisis in Ukraine, saying that Apple is doing everything possible to help teams working in the country and offer support to humanitarian efforts that help local people: “We are close to all those who ask for peace. »

Although Apple does not operate retail outlets in Ukraine, the company works with authorized resellers in the country. Additionally, Apple recently opened a headquarters in Moscow to comply with regulations that require companies operating in the country to have a local physical presence. For the moment, there do not seem to be any particular problems for the company’s employees.

Yesterday, Tim Cook also spoke about Steve Jobs on his 67th birthday: “Celebrating Steve’s birthday is never so easy. In these trying times, I remember his invitation to use our time wisely, to strive for excellence, and to leave the world better than we found it. Today would have been his 67th birthday. »

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