Tim Cook wore the colors of Ukraine at the Apple event

Some users noticed a detail that many missed: Tim Cook wanted to give a signal of support to Ukraine during the keynote of Peek Performance.

tim cook ukraine

During his presentations, Tim Cook rarely wears colored bracelets to match his Apple Watch. Yesterday was an exception when the CEO of Apple appeared on stage with a yellow bracelet associated with a dial with blue numbers and a sweater of the same color.

Tim Cook didn’t speak about the situation in Ukraine at the event, but the color combination is unlikely to be just a coincidence. Around the world, Ukraine fans wear the colors of the country’s flag. Additionally, Apple is supporting Ukraine both by blocking certain services and products in Russia and through dedicated donation programs.

Tim Cook himself expressed his concern about the war and his support for Ukraine in a letter sent to employees a few days ago. In short, this yellow bracelet associated with the blue sweater cannot be pure chance.

And you, have you noticed this detail?

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