TSMC: mass production of 3 nm processors will begin in the second half of 2022

LiPhone 15 will have an Ax processor engraved in 3nm. Wei Zhejiathe president of TSMC confirmed today that the 3nm engraving process was now mastered and mass production of this type of chip could start in the second half of the current year. And because the race for the infinitely small never seems to have an end, Wei Zhejia adds that 2 nm engraving will undoubtedly be ready in 2025. This promises ever more powerful and economical processors at the same time.


TSMC will use the N3E engraving process (not the most sophisticated but the most reliable) to mass supply the first processors engraved in 3 nanometers. Trial production of 2 nm chips will start in 2024 before mass production is set for 2025. Given the release schedule for Apple’s new products (especially the iPhone of course), Apple may not be the first served in 3nm, even if we know that the Californian has enough pockets to reserve production lines.

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