Unusual: his AirTag still works after the fire in his vehicle!

Little but strong ? One of the readers of our colleague iGen reports that his AirTag withstood the complete fire of his vehicle. Looking at the pictures of the fire, however, we say to ourselves that nothing should have survived it, and yet: the unfortunate reader was able to follow the path of the charred carcass of his vehicle thanks to the AirTag which was still there. in the glove box!

This little anecdote does not prove much on the merits concerning the solidity of the AirTag, which here was especially lucky not to be devoured by the flames (a priori, we must rather praise here the resistance of the box to glove). Apple specifies on its site that the AirTag is resistant to heat up to a maximum of 60 degrees, which means that exposure to a flame should easily destroy the accessory.

AirTag Fire 1

The AirTag is offered for sale on Amazon at a price of 29.99 euros. The product is currently out of stock, which is hardly surprising after the holiday season and against the background of a shortage of components.

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