Updating Pixelmator Pro with Motion Exports

Pixelmator Pro, one of the most popular photo editing apps on the Mac App Store, now comes with new export features.

pixelmator pro d21

The new version lets you export for Motion, allowing users to create compositions right in Pixelmator Pro and easily export them to motion graphics for videos. This means that you can create compositions to use later in the Apple Motion app, which is widely used for creating titles and video transitions. New integration with Pixelmator Pro lets you create artwork and assets that can be used directly as Motion objects.

Additionally, the latest update also offers improved support for SVG files, as Pixelmator Pro can handle them directly in a Motion export, dramatically speeding up workflows when creating vector designs for video.

Pixelmator is a universal app, so it works natively on Mac M1 and Intel. The app is available for € 19.99.

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