USA, 35 states take sides against Apple in the Epic Games lawsuit

Attorneys general in 35 US states have said Apple is stifling competition with its app distribution monopoly on the App Store.

epic games vs apple o21

The joint statement was submitted as part of the Epic v. Apple, with attorneys general who sided with the video game maker and against the Cupertino company.

“Apple’s behavior has harmed and harms mobile app developers and millions of citizens”indicates the document. “Meanwhile, Apple continues to monopolize the distribution of apps and integrated payment solutions for iPhone, stifling competition and racking up profits in the smartphone industry. »

As Reuters reports, the US Department of Justice also challenged last year’s ruling, saying the court “committed several legal errors that could jeopardize effective antitrust enforcement, particularly in the digital economy”.

The department says the court interpreted the Sherman Act, an 1890 law prohibiting anti-competitive behavior, “tightly and wrongly, in a way that would leave many anticompetitive agreements and practices outside its protections. »

The ruling effectively established that Apple does not have a monopoly on the app market, while requiring the company to enable alternative payment systems for developers. New pressure from the Attorney General and the Justice Department could turn the tide. Microsoft lawyers are also backing Epic Games again.

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