Video: this is the iPhone that acts as a key in hotels

It is possible to use your iPhone as a key to open the door of your hotel room, and this since iOS 15. The same function exists on the Apple Watch with watchOS 8. Today we have the right to a first video preview.

iPhone Opening Hotel Door Key

A demonstration of the iPhone as a key in hotels

Journalist Rich DeMuro was able to go to a Hyatt hotel to test having his iPhone as a key. Hyatt recently announced support for this system with integration with Apple’s Maps (ex-Wallet) application to facilitate the process.

Through Hyatt’s app, hotel guests can add their room key to the Maps app after making a reservation, and they’ll be notified when check-in time arrives. Once the guest has checked in and the room is ready, the room key in the Maps app is activated for immediate use and displays the guest’s room number and duration of the reservation. It is also possible to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to access certain places, including the elevator or other rooms.

Express mode support is included. Thus, the iPhone does not need to be unlocked to be used as a key. It is possible to disable this mode for those who want additional security. Also, there is a power reserve that allows the iPhone to be used as a key, even if it has run out of battery. This is possible up to 5 hours after the battery drops to 0%.

Hyatt is currently the first hotel chain to support Apple’s native system. Hope the others will follow.

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