ViewSonic touchmonitors are now compatible with macOS Monterey

Dreaming of a touchscreen Mac? Thanks to ViewSonic, it’s possible ! The manufacturer has just released its new vTouch 3.1 screen driver for TD series touchscreen monitors, a driver that makes these monitors perfectly compatible with macOS from the Mountain Lion version (10.8) and up to macOS Monterey!


Once the driver is installed, oh wonder, it becomes possible to drive the macOS interface directly from the tip of the pen on the ViewSonic TD monitor. Touch compatibility is complete and even manages multitouch up to 5 simultaneous fingers on the screen. There are also many control elements largely inherited from iOS multitouch such as the pinch-to-zoom for example. To top it off, ViewSonic’s TD screens are frankly not overpriced, the basic model (16 inches) being offered for sale at around 300 euros.

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