Volvo provides iPhones and Apple Watches to its mechanics for more efficiency

Volvo decided to evolve and offer iPhones and Apple Watches to 1,500 employees who are mechanics. The automaker’s goal is to be more efficient, especially with customers.

Volvo Apple Watch

When the iPhone and the Apple Watch come to Volvo

Volvo expects mechanics to use the Apple Watch in the garage in four main ways:

  • The technician receives a notification when a customer arrives at the garage with his car.
  • The watch displays the customer’s name, relevant notes and car details.
  • During the repair, technicians can access the information. Once the repair is complete, they can call the customer directly to let them know.
  • They can also schedule and make a follow-up call later.

So far, Volvo says the transition from PC and paper to iPhone and Apple Watch has been successful. According to the group, 80% of technicians who use the new equipment have increased their satisfaction rate with customers. It also saw a 30% increase in follow-up calls and emails to customers, and a 40% decrease in printouts.

Another advantage relates to training and transport. Volvo tells ComputerWorld that it used to take up to six months to train new employees on the 15 different computer systems the company used. In addition, technicians had to be mobile for 40% of the day to be more efficient, moving around the workshop, talking with customers or going to warehouses to look for parts. Having to go back to the PC for information interrupted the workflow. Now the Apple Watch and iPhone are always on them.

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