What to expect from the first foldable iPhone?

Apple is expected to announce an “iPhone Fold” with a flexible OLED display by 2024 and AppleInsider has created exclusive renderings to show what this new smartphone could look like.

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Rumors and patents show that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone for years. However, the technology required for such a device is only in its infancy and it is unclear what form the device may take. Every year there are several rumors circulating about the possible launch of the iPhone Fold which, according to what has been reported by reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is expected to arrive in 2024.

Unlike Apple, Samsung has already developed its “foldable” technology with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Flip. Apple is currently testing both design solutions for its first foldable, but might be inclined to go for the flip solution. As has happened several times in the past, even for foldable smartphones, Apple prefers to bide its time as technology advances and becomes more mature, also because the first models released by Android manufacturers have encountered many problems, both software and hardware.

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The patents show that Apple plans to overcome these problems with complex hinges and ultra-advanced display technology. AppleInsider based its renderings on some of these patents and on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Since the iPhone 14 could introduce a radical overhaul as early as 2022, the renderings of the “iPhone Fold” also incorporate these possible new elements. The flat edges combined with a perforated front camera and a flush rear camera module are the basic components of this device.

The Apple Fold is very likely to open and close without any folds or hinges on the screen. When the iPhone Fold is fully closed, the device should only be slightly thicker than current Apple smartphones, while open, it should offer similar dimensions to the iPad mini.

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It’s still unclear how Apple will optimize iOS or iPadOS for its first foldable device, but there shouldn’t be many changes if the screen only works in the fully open position. Apple may also allow a three-quarter or semi-open mode for gaming and chat apps, but that’s only a guess.

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Some foldable Android devices have multiple operating positions and even an external display to use when the main display is closed. However, it is not clear whether Apple will embrace these more complex solutions. It is indeed very likely that Apple’s first folding was an iPhone that can just open and close.

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