Will iPod touch 7 be the last iPod in history?

Next May will mark the third anniversary of Apple’s launch of the 7th generation iPod touch. Was it the last iPod ever produced by the company?

ipod touch 7 j22

At the moment, there are no rumors about a possible 8th generation iPod touch and it is very likely that Apple will not release new iPods even by the end of 2022. So it is much more likely that Apple will continue to support the 7th generation iPod touch with one or two versions of iOS in the coming years, rather than releasing a new model.

The first iPod touch was presented in 2007 as a kind of economical alternative to the iPhone, with all the functions of the smartphone except the telephone part. If the iPhone 2G cost $ 499, a very high price by the standards of the time, the first iPod touch was priced at $ 299.

It was a big step forward for the iPod family, which in 2007 was still at its peak. Users could take photos, listen to music, browse the web on Wi-Fi, write notes. In short, a really complete music player, which for several years continues to record excellent sales especially with the youngest who cannot afford an iPhone.

Yet, over the years, iPod touch was seen more and more as a useless copy of the iPhone because it offered nothing different, was more or less the same size, but couldn’t enjoy calls. telephone or cellular navigation. Additionally, Apple started lowering the prices of the various iPhones released a year or two earlier and offering cheaper models like the iPhone SE, which actually killed iPod touch.

Today, three years after the last model, Apple will most likely not release new iPod touch. That means the seventh-generation model could be the last iPod the company has ever released, barring any surprises.

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