Will the new double-hole Face ID only come to the iPhone 14 Pro?

With the iPhone 14, the Cupertino company could finally get rid of the notch, replacing it with a double hole containing sensors for Face ID. However, this novelty could be exclusive to the Pro range, at least for the iPhone 14 series.

Face ID, iPhone 14 Pro

The cold shower comes from analyst Ross Young, who traced this unpleasant scenario in a new report. Ross Young also teased some advancements to the dimensions of this new dual-hole front camera design, which should be the same width as the current Face ID but obviously claw back several pixels at the top. According to the analyst, this design will not arrive on other iPhones until 2023 with the iPhone 15 range.

iphone 14 hole face id

In Apple’s plans, the assumption of a Face ID under the screen does not seem to fade away. According to the analyst, however, this technology will not be ready even in September 2023 with the release of the iPhone 15. Of course, it should be noted that Ross Young’s words may not reflect what will happen in September with the launch of the iPhone 14. You only have to follow the development of the situation to understand what Apple’s plans will be with the next iPhone.

Do you think the new design will come to the whole range or only to the Pro models?

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