Wozniak: “Steve Jobs was not a good engineer”

In a new interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said Steve Jobs was not a good engineer and needed to learn how to be a leader in marketing and communications.

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Steve Jobs was widely recognized as a great communicator and salesman, thanks to his legendary performances on stage at special Apple events. However, co-founder Steve Wozniak said Jobs wasn’t always a natural showman. Woz revealed that Jobs needed to compensate for his poor computer engineering skills by working on his communication skills.

“He learned a lot of marketing principles because he wasn’t really capable, technically. He had to find other areas to make himself important. »

Jobs’ “personality” changed during the founding of Apple, going from a fun-loving person to a very serious person. According to Woz, an important part of the change was seeing Jobs “develop his [compétences] of communication” for the good of the company.

Jobs’ skills helped promote Apple as a maker of easy-to-use devices like the iPhone, making it “an understandable technology product that no one would be confused with.”

In 2019, even rival Bill Gates admitted he was “so jealous” of Jobs’ skill as a speaker. Gates went on to say that Jobs was “a genius” for the way he was able to inspire customers and employees.

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