you can control the car with your iPhone and with Siri

The Apple Car will be 100% autonomous. To communicate with the car, it will be possible to use the voice assistant integrated into the iPhone and iPad, Siri. In particular, it will be possible to indicate a destination on the screen of your smartphone or by voice.


The Apple Car, the Californian brand’s future electric car, is in development in the laboratories of Cupertino. The latest news, Apple is focusing on designing a 100% autonomous car, without steering wheel or pedal.

After having reorganized the division devoted to the project, Tim Cook would have decided to focus on autonomous driving. According to a new patent spotted by Patently Apple, it looks like it will be possible to interact with the car using one of the brand’s devices, like the iPhone.

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Apple Car: you can indicate the destination on the screen of your iPhone

The specifications included in the patent detail a “guiding system” tailor-made for the autonomous car. In the patent, Apple specifies that an autonomous vehicle is “capable of sensing its surroundings and navigating to destinations with little or no occupant interaction”.

In view of the latest leaks, the Apple Car should not require any interaction from a human. However, the user must indicate where he wishes to go. According to the patent, he will be able to indicate the destination directly on the screen of his iPhone. Apple is planning that the car owner can use the touch screen of an iPhone or iPad to enter the destination, probably through Apple Maps.

The icing on the cake, it seems that it will be possible to indicate a destination, a direction or “a stopping point”, with the voice. Siri, the voice assistant for iPhone and iPad, will communicate with the car. We imagine that it will also be possible to use the Apple Watch for this purpose. That’s not all. It will also be possible to control the car by gestures. The patent describes the possibility of indicating a parking space to the Apple Car by making hand gestures.

Pending official information, there is no indication that Apple really intends toexploit this technology described in the patent. It is not uncommon for the group to patent technologies without ever integrating them into products, solely in order to secure its inventions. For the record, the Apple Car should arrive on the market in 2025. The presentation could be organized several months before the arrival in stores.

Source: Patently Apple

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