young woman found underground tracker hidden under her car

An AirTag was used to track a young woman out of a bar. According to the American, the bluetooth beacon was hidden above the wheel of her car during her absence. Terrified, she did not dare to go home.

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In a thread published this December 18, 2021 on Twitter, a young American testifies to her recent misadventure with an AirTag, Apple’s controversial bluetooth beacon. “So something pretty terrifying happened to me last night—
someone attached an Apple AirTag to the underside of my front wheel while I was inside a bar ”, testifies the Internet user.

This is a tactic increasingly popular with car thieves. Criminals place the AirTag when the car is parked in the parking lot of a supermarket, bar or movie theater. With the Find My app built into Apple devices by default, they can then follow the trail of their victim to their home. They then steal the vehicle from their owner’s driveway, in the middle of the night out of sight.

An AirTag was used to track a young woman

The young woman was alerted to the presence of an AirTag by her iPhone. To avoid abuse, iPhones are indeed able to detect the presence of an unknown beacon nearby. A notification then appears on the smartphone screen to alert users that a malicious individual is probably trying to track them. In this case, she received several alerts on her iPhone before realizing that a beacon was attached to her car.

Frightened by her discovery, she refused to go home, fearing to reveal the location of his home to a possible stalker. The young woman preferred to spend the night with an acquaintance. In the morning, the AirTag was finally found on the car. “In the morning, while I was asleep, I asked someone close to me to check my car and he found it stuck under the front passenger’s wheel arch. I would have liked him to take pictures before throwing it away ”, continues the young woman.

The nearby AirTag alert system is for iPhone only. To protect users of an Android smartphone against spies, Apple recently introduced an Android app called Tracker Detect. The app can spot an AirTag hidden in your stuff. However, the app does not work continuously. To find a tracker, you have to start a search manually. In fact, it is still very easy to track users who do not have an iPhone.

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